Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido-USA, Inc.


EMPOWER - Women-Only Self Defense Awareness plus Fitness

Taught For Women, By Women

Wentzville’s ORIGINAL women-only fitness/self-defense awareness class available for females, ages 16+. We offer various enrollment programs for various levels of commitment!

We are a group of family-focused, Christian women who are looking to educate all women in the need for self-improvement.
From your routine breast exams to running for your life, we cover it all.

Recently added to our menu is firearms safety & training. At any level you are entering and any level you desire to go, we have the educated staff to provide you with as much personal protection training as you could ever hope for!


Empower vs. Gym Membership

Gym Memberships lose their flavor for women very quickly. While the gym ‘sales team’ is quick to offer their services regarding your (you as a person) personal growth and what they feel your needs are, Empower staff and students are here for the duration.

Our women’s group offers support, accountability, sympathy when you’re sore plus friendship. We are here for the "long haul" and we recognize that your need for fitness plus self-defense goes much further than a key-card entry, face in a crowd, competition type of atmosphere.

We count on each other … and for each other. Interested? Come in for a free class and you are guaranteed to feel the camaraderie and similar mindset as this group of women welcome you to our community.


Women's Basic Firearms Training

July 2011--Grandmaster Rhoades hosted a program for the Women's Empower class and guests an introduction to the basic functions of a firearms, the differences between them plus the serious need for education. Huge attendance! Great training! Positive attitudes! Enjoy the following video, plan for Phase II and request training for your specific event.