Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido-USA, Inc.


Many things you will see in our Hapkido dojangs (training schools) are symbolic. Here is the background of our logo.

This logo is a registered trademark and is not allowed to be used in any way
without permission from Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido-USA, Inc.

All Jin Jung Kwan schools throughout the world aim to set the example with the high standards of traditional Hapkido. The official patch is a badge of honor—to be worn by all Jin Jung Kwan members.



Circle The CIRCLE represents the world.

The GLOBE signifies that Jin Jung Kwan aims to be the world’s largest organization of Hapkido.
Our goal is to plant the Jin Jung Kwan Flag in all countries throughout the world.

uhm-yung Uhm/Yung = Represented from the South Korean flag and the origins of Hapkido.
statue Statue = King Deva in a traditional Kumgang Jase stance. The Guardian of Traditional Hapkido.