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Class Hapkido for Men, Women and Kids
Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido was designed with pure, realistic self-defense in mind. This is the most complete system of self-defense available. It is not a ‘supplementary’ martial art. Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido is a very proud and honorable system that stands on its own. Every question you have about self-defense will be answered through its comprehensive martial arts system. From boxing, kickboxing, ground grappling, weapons extraction/retention - you name it, Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido covers it!

Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido features only the most effective techniques, with reality-based training. Students who have training in any other martial art will find Jin Jung Kwan to be the COMPLETE system that satisfies their every training need!

Adult Hapkido studentsJin Jung Kwan Hapkido schools are located throughout the United States. We are a growing organization that is not based on politics but instead on training. Our instructors attend continued training regularly so they will reciprocate their education with their students.

Offering martial arts training for both adults and children, the adult students are trained in a multitude of different situations. From single attacker to multiple attackers, from hands-on to weapons training—Jin Jung Kwan students are all properly and completely trained to handle any and all situations! Jin Jung Kwan is not a demonstration style…

Benefits of Hapkido Training

Instructors bringing Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido skills to the table offer their students a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable discipline that will positively impact every facet of their lives. We certify students based on merit and maintaining quality control. The moral and character values that we want implemented in our everyday lives will be reinforced at a Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido school. You will see improvement in all of these areas plus many more!

Respect Discipline
Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido is structured on true Korean etiquette and implemented with correct cultural aspects that enable the art of Hapkido to stay pure. Students training in Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido are ingrained with the self-control necessary to enable structure and development with an open mind!
Physical Fitness Stress Relief
Every Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido class begins with structured warm-ups and follows through with physical activities integrated in every session! Learn learn defense skills of Hapkido plus get in great shape! Physical training and mental stimulation result in stress release. The mental stimulation gained from the complex techniques of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido result in constant challenges.
Flexibility Stamina
Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido works your varied muscle groups on a regular basis increasing a person’s ability to move and remain flexible. The ability to defend yourself depends on your stamina plus ability to maintain control of yourself and your situation. Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido will compliment any situation requiring longevity!
Improved Job Performance  
All of the above referenced points will come together to make Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido students the best training and most well-rounded individuals. Improvements will be seen in every area of your life! Join a recognized Jin Jung Kwan School and you will receive the best training available. Our instructors are highly motivated professionals who love to share their knowledge.

Benefits of Hapkido Training for YOUTH

Children who participate in Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido see the benefits in every aspect of their lives. Focusing on well-rounded students, instructors maintain the integrity of martial arts utilizing respect plus etiquette as their basis for training.


Featuring realistic self-defense with strict guidelines, Jin Jung Kwan techniques are based on a system of natural progression.
Students can reap the rewards of progress with a solid foundation.

Hapkido DOES NOT practice memorized forms. All techniques are practiced live—to simulate real-life experiences.

Kids typically show improvements in:

  • Individual life skills
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Self-esteem
  • Character building
  • School grades

Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club is a additional membership level for adults and kids who are serious about their training and wish to reap all the benefits they can. All levels of students are welcome to join the Black Belt Club, which allows them to attend additional classes during the week, as many times as desired. Black Belt Club class sessions include classic hapkido plus extra and advanced techniques which are not generally covered in regular classes, such as ground grappling (also called ground defense).

Ground Grappling

While we recognize that the first line of defense is not on the ground, we also know that a physicial confrontation could very easily wind up there...

Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido offers an extensive self-defense portion with focus on ground defense. We are different because we train for multiple attackers, weapons extraction/retention as well as other methods of defense!

Not a sport-oriented playground...skills focus on REALISTIC situations!

Ground grappling is generally covered during certain times of the year in Black Belt Club classes.


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