Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido-USA, Inc.

Wentzville, Missouri

Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido-USA, Inc. Headquarters

600 W. Pearce Blvd., Wentzville, MO 63385. (636) 327-KICK.

Wentzville, MO is home to the headquarters of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido. Jin Jung Kwan is the most prolific form of hapkido and is even used by Korean special forces. As a fully comprehensive martial art, its practitioners learn a wide variety of kicks, joint locks, strikes, throws, pinning techniques, use of pressure points. Students at the headquarters location are blessed to train under the direction of renowned Grandmaster Michael Rhoades.

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Founder and President of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido-USA, Inc. plus owner of Professional Defense Services, LLC, Grandmaster Michael Rhoades has studied and taught martial arts in every venue possible over the past twenty-five years.

Grandmaster Rhoades is the Vice President of Jin Jung Kwan, worldwide and has received his 8th Degree Black Belt in Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido from the Founder of Jin Jung Kwan -- Grandmaster Kim Myung Yong. Grandmaster Rhoades holds international certification through the Korea Hapkido World Association as well as the Korea Hapkido Federation. He also holds his 6th degree Black Belt Kukkiwon certification from the World Taekwondo Federation. More about Grandmaster Rhoades

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Headquarters Location in Wentzville, Missouri:

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